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What is Yax?

An open source project that helps people build websites. Yax is the do-it-yourself alternative to commercial site builders like Wix, Squarespace, & WebFlow.


Try Yax! Save a template to GitHub. Then deploy to Netlify, Vercel, or Render.com for free hosting. No developer skills needed.


Yes, templates are free, storage is free, hosting and custom domains are free. Now compare to commercial website builders like Wix where "free" costs money if you add a custom domain and remove branding.


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Watch as we grow. Currently 18 templates.


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Visit the Yax blog for template reviews, recommendations, and more. Learn about our history and our plans as we build in public.


Daniel Kehoe is a past founder of the RailsApps project and author of the popular book Learn Ruby on Rails. He's been active in developing the web since its early days.